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    • Roberto Molina

      Youth Culture Paper

      Here you go everyone... I attached the word file...ds of an ever-changing, ultra-diverse group of students.  In order t...ticipants of this study was a diverse group of 52 sixth grade students ( for personal identity as part of a group” (Brown & Knowles,...

      • Antonia Bueti

        Antonia Bueti - Final Youth Culture.docx

        In or Out? Abstract What causes a middle school child t...37). A student’s affiliation with a specific group such has jocks, popular, brai...esearch that was conducted on students in this age group. For the second part of th...

        • Robert Goldberg

          Group Taylor, Nick, Olivia, Robert

          Above is our group list on what it means to be a teacher. In addition to this list self-confidence is a necessary quality for a teacher. This is important as in order to believe in our students we must first believe in ourselves.

          • Sharjana Rohman-Hashem

            WrappingItUp-School Proposal

            Sharjana Rohman-Hashem ED 631 Wrapping It Up-Proposal to Administrators De...t to do without feeling singled out. There would be no need for pull out groups, instead you group by choice and activity and pr...

            • Tee Williams

              Chapter 1 - Manovich Response to Chapter 1 Reading

              Kay conceived of “personal dynamic media” as a fundamentally new kind of med...dquo;While some of the applications were programmed by members of Kay’s group, the users also included seve...

              • Golanda Prince-Trim

                Final Reflection

                Believe it or not! Reflecting, this semester has been one of the most challenging for demand for centuries to come. So, in closing I must thank professor and my group members for the love and kind...

                • Yajaira Gonzalez

                  Connectism Learning Theory presentation

                  Group Members: Yajaira Gonzalez, Carmel Joseph Yapp, Joshua Weiddmann

                  • Yajaira Gonzalez

                    Connectives Learning Theory Annotated Bibliography

                    Group Members: Yajaira Gonzalez, Carmel Joseph Yapp, Joshua Weidmann

                    • Jazmine Santiago

                      out of this world cognitive theory prezi

                      using the format of prezi me and my fellow group members created an other worldly presentation of the many things we learned about the cognitive learning theory.