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    • Mashfiq Ahmed

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                &...n to utilize a tracker to assess students in their groups and provide formative feedba...Meets Exceeds Group 1  ...

      • Jing Zhu

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        Dear classmates and Dr. Ardito,   My name is Jing...s a question solving)   Partner task (group formative assessment - studen...e in my classes includes individual assessment and group assessment. In terms of group...

        • Andre Barrella

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          As a Teaching Fellow, our slogan for training was TEACH. Tenacious, Excited...rote memorization. Hogan and Kintsch (1971) ran a study with two groups in terms of learning a set of 40 words. One group studied four times including...

          • Julia Vaccarelli

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            Will Richardson’s central focus for the discus...Will’s questioning about why we group students the way that we do intrigues me. Why do we group students by age specifically?...hinks there will be a day where we do not group students by age in the United...

            • Amanda Spain-Perales

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              Hello. My name is Amanda Spain-Perales and I am a first-year-...e to circulate the classroom during independent or group activities. I usually have a...that do not understand a concept, we pull a small group the next day to re-teach the...

              • Ronald McHenry

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                  At the beginning of this course I identified time management as...dents during a class period. My lessons would include time for group work and it was challenging for me to check in with each group before the period ended. This...

                • Germa Dubois

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                  Germa Dubois   From the first week of the EDG 606 course, I realize that this was going to be an intense and rigorous course. From the first email we were r...

                  • Christine Clayton

                    Peer Observation Forms

                    Please upload your peer obsevation pre, post-observation and reflection here. If you need the original form, look under Group Files in the Commons. If y...

                    • Tatyana Jackson

                      Group E week 5 discussion

                      Hey guys hope everyone is having a great week I look forward to hearing from you all this week as we explore close reading. -Tatyana

                      • Tatyana Jackson

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                        Guiding students in reading in the disciplines is crucial especially giving them the abi...ach. Hinchman suggest a Combination individual reading with student-led,small-group talk can provide a powerful s...