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    • Nicholas Neuner

      Comment on "unitplandevelopment"

      Overall, everything you have establish for your...l is to go into more detail about the group assignments. What i mean by t...dents will be graded on not only as a group but also individually. Will t...activities? For example, what about a group discussion, or a mini debate...

      • Alanna Kardon-Alkalay

        Comment on "Reading Response #3"

        I would definitely share what I was doing with my colleagues...erent learning profiles, some students thrive in a group situation while others may's comfort level is.  When assessing group work, sometimes I would give...

        • Ann Lynch

          Comment on "Lesson Plan"

                  &n...aborative discussions (one-on-one, in groups, and teacher-led) with diver...s to learning based on individual and group needs?    ...e put students into small homogeneous groups and differentiated by requir...

          • Gerald Ardito

            Comment on "Excursion 2&3"

            Stephanie, I really enjoyed reading your post for this Excur...interfere with students and their learning because group activities become difficult o...ed self regulatory skills) and the various uses of group work. I have done some resear...

            • David Zheng

              Comment on "ED631 Final Paper"

              PDF of the 8th grade simple machine group project

              • Alanna Kardon-Alkalay

                Comment on "Youth Culture Paper"

                **** I think you forgot to tag you paper.  Hi Lorna...."what can be observed in the individual and group dynamics of middle school stu...maybe you could place them within your thesis and group them together within your pap...

                • Gerald Ardito

                  Comment on "Reflection phase"

                  Carmel, I really enjoyed reading your reflection. ...earn that we would be completing this project as a group. I felt very pressured and vu...soned.  As if to quell my fears meet the group members of a lifetime! I...

                  • Robert Goldberg

                    Comment on "UbD Geometry Unit Plan 1"

                    Hi, I think your Enduring Understanding statement "Wo...y more general it might work better. Regarding the group work would that be a negative...kills needed to write a proof? Its possible in the group students will leave the think...

                    • Miranda Barbara

                      Comment on "Excursion 4"

                      Hello Dr. Ardito! I wasn’t really that clear in my p...omework a couple of nights before new lessons, and group them up for the new lessons. I think it may be beneficial to group students by ability level and...

                      • Gerald Ardito

                        Comment on "Reading Response #3"

                        Alanna, I am grateful that you have spoke so eloquently ab...growth within their students.  The impact of group work to this end can not be u...? How would you distinguish between individual and group achievement?