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    • Gerald Ardito

      Week 12 Work

      Here is the work for Week 12. ***Be sure to check the Group Leader Rotations here. Remember, this is Week 12.*** 0. Video Feedback. [Under Construction] 1. Reading Responses. This week's work is organized around the guiding questions: Should coding be taught in schools like othe...

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      • Milani Machicote

        ED 656 Week 12

        Coding should in fact be introduced into schools along with other literacies. As educators we want to ensure that we are adequately preparing our students for the working world and that the material we teach is relevant in and out of our classrooms. Unfortunately for many schools in lower income ...

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        • Rachel Richards

          Week 13

          Rachel Richards Dr. Ardito Group D   Many believe that coding is the fundamental building block skills needed for 21st-century literacy. What does “coding” look like in school and how can student include it school’s curriculum. I believe that coding should be ta...

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          • Krista Hegge

            Week 12

            I currently teach at a career and technical school, so my stance on this topic comes from a technology perspective. In our school using computers and apps is very high on the list of things that administration would like to see in classrooms. We also have a CTE program such as multimedia and a co...

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            • Tatyana Jackson

              Week 12 3x3


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