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    • Gerald Ardito

      Week 11 Work

      Here is the work for Week 11. ***Be sure to check the Group Leader Rotations here. Remember, this is Week 11.*** 0. Video Feedback. [Under Construction] 1. Reading Responses. This week's work is organized around the guiding questions: What does it mean to comprehend a text and h...

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      • Milani Machicote

        ED 656 Week 11

           To comprehend a text means to internalize the text. Literacy educators provide students with the skills necessary in order to be able to compartmentalize a text. English teachers especially, discuss the tone of the author and teach students literary elements and devices so th...

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        • Rachel Richards

          Week 11

          Rachel Richards ED656 Dr. Ardito 11/15/18   Growing up in the Caribbean I did not have much access to a book or a library. My island has one library for the entire population about 200 000 people. The schools did not have a library, and families did not have a bookshelf with b...

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