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    • Jacqueline Kagan

      Week 1 - ed656crr1

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      • Gerald Ardito

        Week 1 Work taking away from these readings (if anything) for your own teaching practice. However you post your responses, be sure to use the tag: ed656crr1 Here are the readings for...


        • Gerald Ardito

          Week 1 Work

          Here's the work for Week 1: Here is the work for Week 1 of our course: 0. Watch the Introductory Video. I have outlined the overall thrust of this course. 1. Syllabus. Review the syllabus and pay close attention to the key assignments and required readings. Look over the cou...

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          • Tiana Akrong

            Wk 1 Readings

            In Gina Biancarosa's article she discuses the use of remedial classes that take in students who have not mastered basic reading skills. This grabbed my attention because it is similar to special education. When students are thought to not be able to master certain skills they are dumped ...

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