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    • Abdul Amunikoro

      Week 1 Response

      The three articles represented emphasizes the need of making literacy content more personal and transparent over the need to make it more straightforward and structured to compare academic outcomes to different states in the united states and different countries overall. It is always interest...

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      • Abdul Amunikoro

        Threading Through Water

         An experience I have had as a learner was learning how to swim in a pool at age 25. I understand that anybody can learn how to swim at any period of their life, but this moment had more sentiment than other. I gained an entry to the 2016 New York City Triathlon and i had to swim a mile...

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        • Alexandria Delaney

          Week 1 Readings

          As I read through the three articles I couldn’t help but think of my own practice as a science teacher.  The main thing these articles made me realize is that I am not just a science teacher, but also need to wear the hat of a literacy teacher.  Often times I give my students arti...

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          • Ashtyn Greenstein

            Course Readings and Response #1


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            • Jacqueline Kagan

              Week 1 - ed656crr1

              Jacqueline Kagan                                               ...

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              • Milani Machicote

                ED 656 Week 1 Reading Response

                The biggest takeaway that I received from reading this week’s assigned articles was that there is a multitude of ways to teach literacy within the classroom. For a very long time literacy has been reduced to just reading and writing and I am glad that as a society we are beginning to acknow...

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                • Krista Hegge

                  Teaching Literacy

                  Hello, As I was reading the articles for this week the general inference was why it is important to teach literacy and different strategies to implement in the classroom. Literacy education is important in today's classrooms. But with the common core standards it can sometimes be unclear a...

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                  • Charlton Simmons

                    Week 1

                    Key Themes   The key theme in the article by Gina Biancarosa focused on students making the transition from basic literacy to higher level literacy and the challenges that follow. There were three challenges highlighted in the text: mastering increasingly difficult text, understanding ...

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                    • Tatyana Jackson

                      ED656 week 1 work

                      In the Biancarosa  article  it is emphasis  on the theme  of  the demands of literacy changing as students progress and not just is terms used but in content application and how this effects scholars reading to learn.This was something i hadn't really thought about be...

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                      • Minh Pham

                        The Evolution of Literacy

                        What were the key themes in this set of article? The articles tackled the issue of the challenges of approaching the evolving literacy "standards" throughout a student's academic career. The relevance and the demand of literacy constantly change and increase at an exponential rat...

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