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    • David Evans

      Batman podcast

      ed644batman When I first started listening to Daniel's story, I was skeptical that his story had real application to the larger world of being a blind person in the world, as I understood it.  As I listened, I was amazed at how the technique of clicking could activate parts of the b...

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      • Aquila Hopkinson

        Impact of having High Expectations

        The podcasts are about the impact expectations have on achievement. It can be related to teaching because our expectations for our students is related to their achievement. In the podcast the new blind boy in school, Adam, was very dependent on the help of others. Whereas, David, was encouraged t...

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        • Gerald Ardito

          Week 1

          The focus this week will allow us to start to develop a common vocabulary and framework for our work with our science students. Here is the work for this week: 1. Listen. There is an excellent podcast from NPR called Invisibilia. Please listen to this episode "How to Become Batman....

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          • Xin

            A mysterious transition.

            One of the main reason i wanted to get into teaching is because of my believe that i can make a difference in the lives of the kids we serve. It is the main reason that is motivating me to keep showing up every day at my school. I am exhausted from many of the tedious little administration t...

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            • Ashtyn Greenstein


              Listening to this podcast after my first week of teaching and all of the ups and downs I have already experienced, was an extremely reflective experience for me. The podcast touched upon limitations people may feel as if they have based on their environment and surrounding. I feel this is directl...

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              • Jack Haggerty


                One thing that struck me about this podcast was the importance of being self-aware and disciplined in our actions as educators in regards to evaluating and communicating our expectations of students. It is important to be self-aware so that we can identify our genuine expectations of individual s...

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                • Sadia Arafat

                  How to become Batman

                  I agree with and wholeheartedly believe that in a way, our thoughts can affect behavior.  While our internal thoughts and beliefs cannot directly influence other’s behaviors, they are the primary driver of external actions, and these actions have a very real influence on behaviors. &nb...

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