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    • Gerald Ardito

      ED 631 - Putting it All Together

      ...l to me as soon as possible. Your final project is to be posted to Pace Commons and is due no later than Sunday, May 6, 2018. Use the tag: ed631wrappingup  


      • Usama Tahir

        Usama Tahir-Portfolio ED-631

        Today is May 4th, and it has been a long journey as I started in September as an educator. Time has passed, and we all learned so much about ourselves and our students and reached a professional and friendly milestone. Teachers are not appreciated as much as they should, just as nurses, dome...

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        • Andrew Rohan

          Rohan's Proposal

          Andrew Rohan Wrapping up   3. Proposal. Now that you have really been investigating these four key factors, you can write a proposal to your administration that discusses how you plan to redesign the classroom learning environment in response to what you have learned this semester. ...

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