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    • Louie

      Final Presentation

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      • Rachel DeMayo

        ED 631- Putting It All Together Portfolio

        This course has been a journey through all facets of educational psychology, which included the investigation of various learning theories, student development theories, student motivations, and the establishment of effective learning environments based on all of these factors.  As a new tea...

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        • Milani Machicote

          ED 631 Week 13 - Proposal

          To: Administration of M.S. 226 From: Ms. M Date: May 4th, 2018   Subject: A proposal to design learning environments that are conducive to fostering intrinsic student motivation, and provide a platform that cultivates student development as it pertains to academic achievement. ...

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          • Joanmarie Reid

            Reid- Final Proposal

            Joanmarie Reid Science Department, Living Environment   Dear ITAVA Administration,        This semester, in my Educational Psychology class, I explored the topics of learning styles, student development, motivation, and classroom environment. I would lik...

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            • Arlene Fairweather

              Arlene Wrapping Up

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              • Ashtyn Greenstein

                Ashtyn Greenstein Final Project!

                Ashtyn Greenstein Educational Psychology Spring 2018 Final Project - Portfolio   This portfolio will act as a lens through my experience researching and applying my research in the areas of student engagement, motivation, adolescent development, and learning theories. As I contin...

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                • Luis Torres-Scott

                  Torres Proposal

                  Luis A. Torres-Scott May 4, 2018 ED 631   Wrapping It Up-Proposal to Administrators of   High School for Youth and Community Development (YCD)     Dear Administrators of YCD,   I would like to start of by thanking the administration of ...

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