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    • Vasilios Gavrielatos

      Vasilios weekly breadcrumbs

      Breadcrumbs   Week 1   Over the first week I have learned how to structure myself for online learning. I have learned that online learning requires self-discipline in order to stay on track of goals. I have given myself 30 days to complete the goals of what I am looking t...

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      • Xi Xi Hu

        Week 3 Update

        As I mentioned in my action plan, I planned on first tackling theories and design by focusing chapter 2 and chapter 3. This week, I explored chapter 2: The Learning Process. This chapter dealt with the two major psychological perspectives of learning including behaviorism and constructivism. In s...

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        • Andrew Rohan

          Rohan's update week 3

          This past week I did a couple things to help maintain and execute my action plan. Knowing myself, I know it would be difficult to hold myself to the same high standard I would like to due to all the pressures teaching gives us. Because of this I have enlisted to help of a collaborator in the clas...

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          • Milani Machicote

            ED 631 - Week 3 Breadcrumbs

            As stated previously I have decided to delve into this course based off the strong foundation I have already created in my classroom. I plan to focus on creating and designing learning environments first and foremost because I feel that it is the foundation for everything else including student m...

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            • Usama Tahir

              Week 3-Breadcrumbs

              In my action plan, my focus has been on student development and motivation but this week I found myself inclined towards classroom management and learning environment which is discussed in Chapter 7. Past week, I have had an incident where a student misbehaved in class, and in the evening sent me...

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              • Joanmarie Reid

                Week 3- Breadcrumbs

                In the first chapter of the text, one line refers to teaching as a privilege to help students see and exceed their potential. That is much easier said than done. Teaching a diverse population of students can be overwhelming and disheartening at times. I struggle with scaffolding and making learni...

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                • Colleen Vogle

                  Breadcrumbs One. Feb. 11th

                  This week I am reflecting on chapter 7 of the Education Psychology text “Classroom management and the learning environment”. Classroom Management is the one skill of effective teaching that all educators long to be a master of. This chapter was about promoting and creating safe and he...

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                  • Rachel Richards


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                    • Xin

                      Xin's weekly Breadcrumbs

                      After school on Monday, I dedicated 2 hours from 6:30pm to 8:30pm and locked myself in my tiny closet room. I lay there in my bed with my laptop on my lap and closed my eyes. I was in a deep meditation trying to come up with a lesson plan for Wednesday. The AIM? "How does our immune sys...

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                      • Usama Tahir

                        Week 4- Breadcrumbs

                        I was reading Chapter 7 "Why classroom management matters" and related to what was mentioned. It said that classroom management is more about correcting student misbehaviors rather than discipline. It aslso mentioned creating a positive learning environment, which to me is crucial to es...

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