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    • Gerald Ardito

      Week 2: Finalizing the Plan

      This week is the second part of organizing (or starting to organize our work for the rest of the semester). This involves two main components: 1. Create and maintain a detailed Action Plan For Week 1, you created a high level plan. I have read them over and they are generally read good an...

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      • Vasilios Gavrielatos

        Action Plan

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        • Andrew Rohan

          Rohan Action Plan

          This is my first attempt at creating a detailed plan like this for school; however, these were very common for coaches to make us do for track. The first step that I will try to achieve is mastering a new skill that will aid me in my classroom, but pertains to Education psychology. One thing...

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          • Rachel Richards

            Rachel Action Plan

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            • Louie

              Learning Plan

              Below is my attempt to follow the steps prescribed in the DIY article "How To Create Your Own Self-Directed Learning Plan."  I personally rely on a calendar and a dry erase board to keep myself on track, I wish I had always done this but hindsight's 20/20.  I realize ...

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              • Colleen Vogle

                Final Plan to work through the material of the course (ED 631)

                As I have mentioned last week in post about my first draft to an action plan “my plan to work through the materials of this course are as follows: To dedicate at least 6 hrs a weeks to actively be present and plugged in on discussions To keep an open mind To speak my truth!! Su...

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                • Tatyana Jackson

                  Finalizied(ish) Plan

                  So as I stated last week I want  to start with  designing learning environments ( Chapters 7-12)  and pursuing this through Student Motivation (Chapter 6). Then moving on to student development (Chapters 3-5) and then the application of learning theories (Chapters 1& 2). I...

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                  • Milani Machicote

                    Action Plan

                    The more education courses I take the more I realize that many of them were structured around learning theories and models. The professors I have had so far have made many references to these theories and models and I’m very anxious to see how practical these theories hold up within the rea...

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                    • Nicole Stevens


                      Hi all! In the previous post I spoke about needing to make sure that all due dates were placed in my phones calendar. In addition to this I plan on using others In the class to get the work done for this course. Sometimes the work may seem great when its looked at as a whole but when we are ab...

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                      • Arlene Fairweather

                        Arlene's Action Plan

                        ED 631 Action Plan   In the initial description of my action plan, I stated that my approach would be to first “address student motivation and development.  I want to be able to better understand how they think, process and interpret the world around them. I am hopeful that ...

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