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    • Roberto Molina

      Youth Culture Project - Final Version

      ...sp;                      June 26, 2017 ED523 – Ardito  &nb...

      • Jenna Crispo

        Youth Culture DRAFT

        ...uploaded it by choosing "embed content" but I don't know if that worked, so I'll paste it here as well. Jenna Crispo PACE ED523 Youth Cultures Inquiry Dra...

        • Lorna McKenzie

          Youth Culture Paper

          ...[Darn] it’s March, how many times do you have to say ‘walk’?  That cafeteria time must be crazy…”  Taking ED523 I wondered what are they were...

          • Ann Lynch

            Youth Culture FINAL

              Ann Lynch   ED523   Youth Cultures Field Study       The essential question of this study asks whether the physical act of...

            • Jenna Crispo

              This I Believe

              Jenna Crispo PACE ED523 This I Believe June 26, 2017   I believe early adolescence is characterized by the highly moldable phase of growth that is being exper...

              • Jenna Crispo

                Youth Culture final

                Jenna Crispo PACE ED523 Youth Cultures Inquiry June 26, 2017   The changes that occur as students transfer from elementary school to middle school effectively...