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    • Colleen Vogle

      First Draft of a plan to work through the material of the course (ED 631)

      Hi ED 631---- My name is Colleen Vogle I’m a middle school science teacher in the...stion to not only understand but to drive the discussions Here goes to ED 631!! :) 

      • Louie

        Week 6: The Week of the Storm

        ...k a look at the Learning Theories section in the “Resources for ED 631.” (Link below) Chapter 2 of Seifert goes...

        • Caroline Phillips

          ED 631 Plan (very rough draft)

          Welcome back everyone! For those of you who don't know me, I'm Caroline. I teach 7th grade science at NEST+m.  For my ED 631 plan this semester, I toyed with th...

          • Usama Tahir

            ED 631-Draft 1

            Good Morning 631, My name is Usama Tahir and I am a Chemistry teacher at Epic High School South, Richmond Hill. I arrived in NYC almost 7 years ago, and have been on a journ...

            • Milani Machicote

              ED 631 Week 5 Breadcrumbs

              After becoming more familiar with Educational Psychology, I wonder if I would have been a more effective teacher in the classroom had I taken ED 631 before beginning my career or af...

              • Zeeshan Pervaiz

                ED 631

                My focus for Educational psychology is to understand how students think and how I can utilize this to create lessons that are conducive to as many thinking styles as...

                • Gabriela Aldave Jordan Chavez

                  Ed 631 study plan

                  Hi Everyone my name is Gabriela, most of you know me, for those who don't I am a science fellow, I currently teach high school Earth Science. Like many of yo...

                  • Miyosha Steele

                    Outline for ED Psych-631

                    My outlook for this course is to regain my sanity through deeper understanding of the nature of teaching. As I have "several" students, it's no surprise...

                    • Vicente Viteri

                      Outline For The Next 14 Weeks

                      ... new addition to a wild first year of teaching . So that is enough about me, on to the main event. So here is my plan for ED 631 and the next 14 weeks is...

                      • Howie Wong

                        Time to be more specific

                        ED 631 Action Plan During the first few weeks of the class, my goal will be to lookup multiple historical figures for educational psychology and learn about bits a...