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    • Gerald Ardito

      Gerald Ardito

      About me: ...he Assistant Chair and Assistant Professor of STEM-D Education at Pace University's School of Education. His research interests include the development of self-directed, technology-...

      • Barry Amper

        Barry Amper

        About me: ...ol as its Unit Coordinator, IEP facilitator and Related Service Coordinator.  As the school was the Pilot for SESIS, I was involved in it's development.  I also established a valida...

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        • Gerald Ardito

          Comment on "Youth Culture Paper FINAL"

          ...tudents and their various levels of maturity, social-emotional development, and physical development. The vignettes are terrific.... This type of response is crucial in terms of adolescent development because this is period of pre...

          • Gerald Ardito

            Comment on "Reading Response #3"

            ...s (in the family, community or media) provide the groundwork for the development of our youth, and to some deg...s of curriculum. Do you think you would need some professional development to support your goals here. I...

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            • Alanna Kardon-Alkalay

              Youth Cultures Project

              ...hese supports have upon the ego development of adolescents, I conducted a...nds to achieve healthy identity development. Parents help children create...nts are supporting his identity development, but his father is acting as...bsp; support narrative identity development. Journal of adolescence, 35(6...

              • Luis Torres-Scott

                Torres Proposal

                ...eaching Fellows, Professional Developments opportunities I have attende...ation, engagement, adolescent development and using various learning th...our students zone of proximal development. Also being mindful that each...derstanding Youth: Adolescent Development for Educators. Cambridge, MA:...

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                • Alanna Kardon-Alkalay

                  This I Believe Statement and Visual .pptx

                  ...e likelihood of healthy adolescent identity development and academic success. &nbs...d to support their students’ identity development. I believe this can only and process. Journal of Counseling & Development, 90(4), 408-420. Harrell-L...

                  • Sharjana Rohman-Hashem

                    WrappingItUp-School Proposal

                    ...eories Engagement Student Development While reading, and sifti...or Supervision & Curriculum Development. The text stated “Motiv...ur growth. The zone of proximal development refers to the relative level...Understanding youth: Adolescent development for educators. Cambridge, MA:...

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                    • Jaclyn Dellisanti

                      Analysis project

                      ...plain the procession of historic events and developments. In this section multiple pe...d history. Additionally multiple historical developments that impact one or multiple..., and geographic features that aided in the development of civilization Compare and...

                      • Gerald Ardito

                        Week 7 Work

                        ...on?  What might be some next steps to further your professional development?   The Field Obs...akes multiple rich connections to personal practice and professional development plans. Candidat...

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                        • Rachel DeMayo

                          ED 631- Putting It All Together Portfolio

                          ...ious learning theories, student development theories, student motivations...udents are in the peak of their developmental years, as adolescence is a...nts must also go through social development as they struggle to make and...student's zone of proximal development, where they feel challenged b...

                          • Gerald Ardito

                            Final Portfolio/Professional Development Plan

                            ...or this course and 2) create a professional development plan for yourself in terms of...Example 1 Example 2 2. Professional Development Plan. We started the course b...f what you learned to create a professional development plan for yourself. Here is...

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