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    • Mashfiq Ahmed

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      ...essential that teachers pursue professional development so that the best learning out...ctive teachers overall (“Professional Development,” 2019). A critical com...13, 2019. The Importance of Professional Development for Educators. (2019, April 1...

      • Gerald Ardito

        Professional Development Plans

        Please post links to your Professional Development Plans here. This work is due no later than Sunday, July 14.

        • Anees Mohammad

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          As an educator, professional development is essential for growth. One needs to be able to reflect and conside...action plan this next school year.  My proposed professional development plan is designed to assist me...

          • Yassine Mouaddab

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            ...classroom (Hattie & Timperley, 2007). The proposed professional development plan has to take into account...research, 77(1), 81-112. Carless, D., & Boud, D. (2018). The development of student feedback literacy:...

            • Gerald Ardito

              Responses to SWBT Podcast

              ...educator who has become a proponent for innovative, student-centered education. And, as I will mention in class, he had a profound impact on my development as a teacher. In this epis...

              • Vilmarie Feliciano

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                ...that I understood from this is that in order for a school to be successful in teaching and how students can be more successful in the learning development is to have everyone on the sa...

                • Christopher Willem

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                  ...spect, I believe that I needed to have the experiences that I did in my first year of teaching in order to learn. No pre-training, professional development, or other supportive measures...

                  • Christopher Colella

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                    Professional Development Plan   One element I discussed in my first assignment is maintaining student motivation and using more regular formative assessments and ex...

                    • Ronald McHenry

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             been able to clarify any doubts prior to handing in a final copy during any given unit.    I will also seek out professional development focused on standards-based gr...

                      • Gabrielle Pasiak

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                        Gabrielle Pasiak  Professional Development Plan It is important for teachers to not only reflect, but to also create a concrete action plan to become stronger teachers.&nbs...