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    • Gerald Ardito

      Comment on "Youth Culture Paper FINAL"

      ...tudents and their various levels of maturity, social-emotional development, and physical development. The vignettes are terrific.... This type of response is crucial in terms of adolescent development because this is period of pre...

      • Gerald Ardito

        Comment on "Reading Response #3"

        ...s (in the family, community or media) provide the groundwork for the development of our youth, and to some deg...s of curriculum. Do you think you would need some professional development to support your goals here. I...

        • Gerald Ardito

          Comment on "Reading Response 3"

          ...far in the class to discuss student diversity and its impact on the development of middle schoolers. This is...k is in the way of schools doing that now? What kind of professional development would be helpful?

          • Adam Figueiredo

            Comment on "Youth Cultures"

            ...ntegrating your findings of why sports are meaningful for adolescent development.  For example, you schools when sports promote everything good for young adolescent development.  I hope this all mak...

            • Roberto Molina

              Comment on "Youth Culture Draft"

              ...ce of topic.  So often popularity plays a role in the cognitive development of a child/adolescent.  ...ur arguments and found it to be relevant as it pertains to emotional development going into adolescence.  ...

              • Latoya Knight

                Comment on "Cristine Remy and Krystal Torres"

                ...ions should be assessed and addressed accordingly. Because cognitive development begins at an early stage, nurtured and groomed at their pre-operational stage of cognitive development by both their parents and edu...

                • Valerie C.

                  Comment on "Cristine Remy and Krystal Torres"

                  ...few concepts to be very interesting in your powerpoint. They were the section on child's Zone of proximal development, scaffolding and level of cognitive development. Through your powerpoint i re...

                  • Nicholas Neuner

                    Comment on "Unit plan ottoman and ming.doc"

                    ...e that they should also be given appropriate ways to challenge their development throughout the class. Educati...dent. This goes beyond the confines of subject matter, and more into development of a child. To give an exampl...

                    • carolyn marenghi

                      Comment on "Unit 2"

             that "Literacy is linked to individual well being, economic development, community well being and ove...I think that literacy skills are not only linked to future economic development, but are also contingent on t...

                      • Tamren Estevez

                        Comment on "Introduction"

               to offer. It's specifically designed with teachers in mind, and courses can be taken in the sciences for graduate credit or professional development. The program runs online and...