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    • Gerald Ardito

      Comment on "Reading Response 2"

      ...then attempt a response: 1.This type of curriculum is a game-changer. If we, adopt this type of teaching, known as the curriculum integration model, then schoo...moves away from the silo, isolated types of curriculum we have now. My one big conce...

      • Gerald Ardito

        Comment on "Excursion 2-3: Learning Environment"

        ...simply because sometimes there is not as much flexibility within the curriculum. You raise a couple of r...raise a really important point about the relationship between a fixed curriculum and its impact on autonomy. W...

        • Gerald Ardito

          Comment on "Reading Response #3"

          ...capturing this dilemma: Now.... I wholeheartedly believe in the curriculum I teach.  Furthermore, I...I also believe that it is vitally important that students master this curriculum... However, I am not always c...

          • Jennifer Rinaldo

            Comment on "learn a little/teach a little"

            ...elle referenced, my school is also rolling out the Science 21 curriculum.  Since this curriculum is allegedly bringing our sci...tent objectives.  My grade will be transitioning to this curriculum next year and I will keep thi...

            • Roberto Molina

              Comment on "How Middle Schoolers Learn"

              ...eveloping and delivering this lesson is that curriculum NEEDS modification.  Eve...lessons require a steadfast adherence to the curriculum and offer little opportunitie...think that designing "fun" content/curriculum based lessons, if properly do...

              • Gerald Ardito

                Comment on "Week 8 Breadcrumbs (Chapter 11)"

                ...thanks for this: Reading about emergent curriculums made me realize how current...o work with a specific externally determined curriculum. Time gives us one access...ommitment to be the bridge between the "curriculum" and the students.

                • Alanna Kardon-Alkalay

                  Comment on "Youth Cultures"

                  ...worthy of your energy.  Placing more emphasis on this within the curriculum is great place to start. I don't know if you also have the academic curriculum in mind, as well, but it migh...

                  • Gerald Ardito

                    Comment on "Reading Response #2"

                    ...tinues to baffle me that teachers and administrators continue to view curriculum as a two dimensional of my goals as a professor of education is to have my students see curriculum as a living, breathing thing....

                    • Gerald Ardito

                      Comment on "Reading Response 2"

                      ...educator. This really stuck out for me: They also shared that curriculum includes the curiosities in t...of these students, in this class. This stuck out to me because every curriculum will be different every year,...

                      • Gerald Ardito

                        Comment on "Reading Response, Week 2"

                        ... Upon reflection, what I mean is what the book defines as what a curriculum is NOT.  What I mean is...t cover ( Brown and Knowles, 2007).  Although this is not what a curriculum is, having resources, textboo...