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    • Kesiah Mathew

      Moving Beyond Computer Literacy: Why Schools Should Teach Computer Science familiar with different types of technology and educators to make curriculum more relevant to 21st well. This website also gives educators resources for talking with curriculum design makers, curriculum res...

      • Sara Herbrand

        Academic, Tech Staff Team for Rochester's 1 - to - 1 Rollout

        ...books, when said teacher doesn't know how to implement them into her curriculum? Over the course of a few...ting meets the needs of the students, and is also compatible with the curriculum. Another resource the Roch...

        • Sara Herbrand

          Week 10 - Bookmark

          ...ere doesn't seem to be any time to include anything else into our curriculum.  There is barely enough...wing the students to work with the robots while she is teaching other curriculum, and she has figured out a wa...

          • Rebecca Capsuto

            Steps to becoming a coding teacher.

            ...l could allow the teacher to feel better prepared in implementing the curriculum. Furthermore he goes on to di...uccessful coding environment. Having support while implementing a new curriculum would allow for a smother tra...

            • Melissa Meireles

              Computer Science Courses Still a Rarity in California

              ...llenges basic challenge schools face in trying to expand the computer curriculum. One of the challenges is the...ld like to teach computer science to go into math, science etc. Also, curriculum standards have focused attent...

              • Rebecca Capsuto

                Robot Assisted Language Learning through Games: A Comparison of Two Case Studies

                ...e of it being an afterschool activity it was not tied into the school curriculum, it also did not include any...nbsp;      In CS 2 RALL was incorporated into their curriculum of their science class, for s...

                • Gerald Ardito

                  Living Environment Curriculum

                  Hello there. I hope you are enjoying your weekend. I have posted my entire Living Environment Curriculum, which includes study guides, activities, projects, labs, etc. on the web. Yo...

                  • Gerald Ardito

                    Quiz Banker

                    ...uestions based on Common Core domain, cluster, and standards. Each question is also aligned to New Visions’ free and open source curriculum (, making it e...

                    • Xin

                      New Vision Curriculum

                      New Vision L.E curriculum. For all the L.E teachers out there, I am sure we have all visited the site. It was a life saver last year and will continue to serve as an important resource!!

                      • Kesiah Mathew

                        Integrating Computers in the Classroom: Barriers and Teachers' Attitudes

                        ...s that expresses their concerns about National examinations and assessments that prevent them from integrating computer lessons into the current curriculum. I feel that this is a situat...