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    • Melissa Meireles

      mBot Blog 3

      Things are looking up! I am starting to get the hang of coding a robot! Chapter 9 helped me understand how to code my mBot's movements and tell it when to stop! Stopping with my issue last time so I am ecstatic I learned that! At first I used the space bar to make it stop but then I used butt...

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      • Tamren Estevez

        Robot Blog 2

        Hello again!    I am halfway through the required chapters for the Mt. Vernon Week 2 class, and think they do a great job and providing an understanding on how to program with the graphical interface in the mblock application. Like I mentioned in my first robot blog post, I really...

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        • Sara Herbrand


          Having already worked with the mBot in the January session, we the mistresses (haha) of the mBot decided to have some fun! We started off with a slight hiccup… there were two Bluetooth mBot robots sitting only 1 foot apart from each other on the same table.  This was an issue becau...

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          • Melissa Meireles

            mBot Blog 4

            This week I am confused and excited at the same time. In Chapter 11 I learned about the line follower ports. I made blocks and added a parameter which is replaced when a command is given. I followed the code provided correctly but my mBot did not follow the the road like I thought it would. I thi...

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