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    • Theresa Connelly

      Comment on "ED 524 Reading Response, Week #1"

      ...em!  It is hard to teach teachers because each student teacher...nt teachers need to be more informed about their own expectations fi...ssor to model how to create informal learning environment.  Thi...but this is the best way for teachers to see how others do it and l...

      • Ty Robson

        Comment on "Week 3 Reading Response" the answer can be individual teachers just trying to implement...ploratory learning, because those teachers and students live within the...the relationships between shapes for three months, even if they to the administration or the teachers that come ahead of me (or pos...

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        • Marshal Burns

          Teacher Assessments: Week 12 Breadrcrumbs

          ...s towards a goal. Everyday as teachers we should be using formative assessment to drive our...ction for the next lesson. As teachers we need to use metacognition...arents or guardians and other teachers.     &nb...n creating assessments. We as teachers need to create assessments th...

          • Jenna Crispo

            Reading Response #1

            ...e are other factors involved. For example, number 5 of "situati...students to go their lockers for their books in only a few minutes....ou do that" so it is the teachers job to help the student this, to a limited extent, for fun, in my classroom. There are ti...

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            • Sharjana Rohman-Hashem

              WrappingItUp-School Proposal

              ...should be compulsory in order for us to better understand the d...arning and lot of the tenured teachers are having trouble with this. I believe all teachers, need to refresh their practi...h student engagement, was the formula to a manageable class. The sol...

              • Roberto Molina

                Youth Culture Paper

                ...nbsp;     For the first part of the study,...or money), relationships with teachers, popularity, sports, feelings...d academic success both allow for a student to receive some sort of...cult the task may seem, we as teachers (the adults in their lives fo...

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                • Gerald Ardito

                  Welcome to CS for Teachers

                  ...Kit You will need a robot for this course. If you alread...graciously offered a discount for my students.    ...up, Computer Science for Teachers, on Pace Commons I have regi.... So, we will have many, many formal and informal opportunities to r...

                  • Gerald Ardito

                    Week 11

                    ...Robots at Last! Your work for this week (and the next 2) wi...very exciting time here in CS for Teachers! So, here goes: 1. those of others as well. For all posts and comments, please use the tag robots4teachers. 3. Make. You can do as fa...

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                    • Gerald Ardito

                      Welcome to CS for Teachers

                      ...ommend) or you can borrow one for the semester. Note that you w...rk that will serve as the platform for this course. It will...up, Computer Science for Teachers Spring 2018, on Pace Commons..... So, we will have many, many formal and informal opportunities to r...

                      • Gerald Ardito

                        CS for Teachers Spring 2018 Course Work

                          Here is where you will find the work of our course week by week. Welcome to CS for Teachers Spring 2018 Week 1: Hello World (due Sunday January 29th) Week 2: It...

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                        • Latoya Knight

                          Week 1 discussions

                          Mr Carl Rogers highlighted some fundamental rules as it relates to learning. The five elements of learning should be a guideline for teachers. Although educators are essential to our edu...