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    • Mike Tenzer

      Reply on topic: Responses to SWBT Podcast thing he specifies is that teachers need to understand how t...n't important, but caring for the students may be equally as imp...y was driven by the fact that teachers need to be more mindful to of executing their mission for teachers to help kids learn better...

      • Giuseppe Marchica

        Week 6

        ...however, we frequently check for understanding through student...towards the overall standard for the unit. In the article A, they mention, “that teachers across all disciplines are sp...Of Student Learning) we look for data students applied to back up t...

        • Xi Xi Hu

          Reply on topic: Week 7 Group E

          ...ged in the digital age, but unfortunately, we do not have decad...and Turner, page 1). However, teachers often have trouble incor...effectively in the classroom. Teachers use technology in the make them more accountable for their learning....

          • Cindy Raoul

            Week 4: Adolescent literacy

            ...m blogs or on other media platforms which uses an abbreviated f...efined to include readability formulas as well as structure, or...ndards also provide a way for teachers to measure student progress t...know and can do. It provides teachers with learning targets for stu...

            • Giuseppe Marchica

              week 4

              ...ed a MEAL paragraph. M stands for main idea. E stands for evide...lysis. L stands for Link. All teachers at my school have a routine styles. Routines are great for students in order to build efficie...have EMERGING (been in the US for no more than a year) ENL students...

              • Justin Herrera

                Reply on topic: Responses to SWBT Podcast

                ...uot;. It questions like these that as future teachers we should always think, involvment in the classroom, things that teachers teach. Most podcasts I h...will stay in my mind. 4. I would ask will for any advice for me as a future educator

                • Allison Bratt

                  Reply on topic: Responses to SWBT Podcast

                  ...quo;t recall the things I was forced to know. I can remember the things I enjoyed. For example in my teach class I hear his philosophy on how teachers should teach their students. Teachers should teach each of their meet Will, I would ask him for advice that I could use with my ca...

                  • Vilmarie Feliciano

                    Reply on topic: Responses to SWBT Podcast

                    ...put together a goal--a vision for the school. I think that this...o;s no communication with the teachers that teach in the same b...the goals and practices among teachers and parents. This was somethi...dents to be better, to strive for what they want and to somehow tie...

                    • Gerald Ardito

                      Reply on topic: Week 7 Group E

                      Xi Xi, I think you make an excellent point here: However, teachers often have trouble incorporating technology effectively in the classroom. Teachers use technology in the classro...

                      • Cindy Raoul

                        CRaoul Week 6

                        ...shborn states that the CCSS require teachers to balance the use of informational and narrative texts for literacy-related the comments and responses that teachers offered on completed work. Wr...cil to paper but like I mentioned before it is a process. My students at t...