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      Online Module 1 -

        ONLINE MODULE DUE 10/8/17 In this module, we will explore how we learn and teach science. We will read some materials, watch some videos, and then write a personal response on the Module. Your response should include: questions on the content presented a p...

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        Learning Theories Projects in One Place

        Here are the pages you have set up in order to present your Learning Theories Project work. Behaviorism Theory - presented by Laurie Barry, Kylah Brown & Sam Hoffman Community of Practice: Presented by David Evans, David Felix, and Ellen Tietjen Cogntivism: Cristine Remy and Krysta...

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          Student Motivation

          As you have already seen, each of the Learning Theories we investigated has a model of who a student is and what motivates him or her. We are going to work on this in three chunks. This work will take the next two to three weeks. Chunk 1 will focus on our textbook and its chapter on Motiva...

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            This is a placeholder for the work on Engagement.

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              EDG 606 Fall 2017 - Course Work

              You can consider this a living syllabus for the course. Here is where we will lay out the work for each week. Here is a link to the syllabus for the course. Consider it the course roadmap and requirements, but the specifics of each assignment will be found on these pages. And here is a ...

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                Facilitating Complex Thinking

                Facilitating Complex Thinking (book chapter). We commonly think of the role of teachers to be content pushers. We push content to our students who are supposed to learn and retain that content. That is certainly part of our job, but our bigger job is to facilitate complex thinking.  ...

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                  Final Project/Paper

                  Final Project - What makes for a productive learning environment in K-12 schools? Requirements The goal of this project is to put together everything that you have been working on this semester, both in this course and in the field. It will allow you so synthesize what you now know about ...

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                    Classroom Management and the Learning Environment

                    Classroom Management and the Learning Environment (book chapter) As we have seen throughout the course, we can think of classrooms as collections of people interacting (which they are) and/or as systems (which they also are). Teachers must be able to establish powerful Learning Environment...

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                      Course Work and Projects

                      This course will allow us to explore the uses of quantitative textual analysis in educational contexts. Here is the work of the course. Course Syllabus. Here is where you will find all the work for the course, along with a course schedule, resources, and University Policies. Types of As...

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                        Course Work - ED 631 - Educational Psychology - Spring 2018

                        I know that this is not an Abnormal Psychology Course, but this image has been in my mind for weeks now as I have been planning the course. And maybe that's not so far off -- we are going to be working in a very atypical way this semester. Here is a wiki (collection of pages) where you...

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