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    • Kimberly Persaud

      Seymour Papert Reading Response

      ...ditionally, with the demands of state standards, academic teachers often struggle to find opportunities to integrate computer science into their coursework.  If teachers can overco...

      • Kimberly Persaud

        Final Reflection come to an end. When first entering the Educational Technology Program, my goal was simply to obtain a master's degree.  Prior to my coursework, I wasn’t entirely sure...

        • Jazmine Santiago

          Chapt. 7&9 Response/Reflection

          ...inking which is an essential life skill.   Now being that I am teaching in two classrooms I am able to make more connections with our coursework and my fieldwork. Classroom m...

          • Jacqueline Kagan

            Week 1 - ed656crr1

            ...he discrepancy between the criteria for the amount of argumentative and explanatory writing (70%) versus narrative writing (30%) required in the coursework. I believe that narrative wri...

            • Andrew Rohan

              Andrew Rohan's Week 3 Analysis

              After reading the articles, to me disciplinary-based learning is the idea of the teacher specifically curtailing their teaching methods and coursework for the subject in which they are...

              • Mika Khaytin

                Week 7 - Final Portfolio

                Here is a link to my coursework for this class: Below is the annotations/final portfolio assignment:

                • Michelle Raspanti

                  Final Project: Needs Assessment

         take home with them every day. At the elementary level, this is not the way. How can the school ensure each student is capable of completing coursework at home using the flipped cla...