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    • Caroline Phillips

      Comment on "The Theory Underlying Concept Maps and How to Construct Them"

      Concept maps were not a large part of my secondary education. As so...uot;cross links" between concepts would be beneficial to me. I...ced theory of created concept maps so that I can more clearly d...long and short term memory of concepts, I have always found tha...

      • Tatyana Jackson

        Comment on "Week 3 Disciplinary literacy"

        sure so attached are rubrics and stems that are on key rings on each desk, and their concept mapping rubric which is the first assignment of the unit and the revision is the last assignment of the unit. And ill attached the nsta prompts as well.

        • Jeremy Poserio

          Comment on "The Theory Underlying Concept Maps and How to Construct Them"

          How I was introduced to concept maps I was never really introduced to concept maps in elementary/middle/high school...suppose I just stumbled on to concept maps because my brain just sees i...start scaffolding my students mapping skills on the board one d...

          • Alexa Tanglis

            Comment on "Concept maps as notes"

            ...tudents are able to make the connections between all the topics on the concept map? I love the idea of modeling...39;m wondering if my students would understand that the layout of this map is to show the relationship o...

            • Gerald Ardito

              Comment on "Reading Response #2"

              Jenna, As always, your reading response is thoughtful and thorough. Since you for route or way, almost always seen as a linear thing instead of a rich map. As in rich map, connections are plentiful an...

              • Kealy Costigan

                Comment on "Grade 5 - Kealy, Rochelle"

                Unit: Earth Systems  Science Stuff: The core ideas...ected the earth spheres. 2. Color code the world map identifying areas of high and...can.  For task 2: I will pass out the world map, using what we learned a...

                • Jacqueline Wyman

                  Comment on "Learning Theories Project- Constructionism Presentation"

                  Hi Latoya, Thanks for your questions. Constructionist theory would definitely apply in...class was not successful when I just explained the concept with a definition. Some students were able to understand the con...

                  • Gerald Ardito

                    Comment on "Motivation Chunk 1"

                    Nicole, This is a really interesting way of representing your understanding of the chapter. You might consider a concept map as well. As you start teaching, it will be interesting to see which of these models you consider most relevant to your students and why.

                    • Lisa Berlinger

                      Comment on "The Theory Underlying Concept Maps and How to Construct Them"

                      Caroline, I agree completely. I rarely used concept maps myself, but I can see how helpful they can be in connecting and retaining information. I also agree that creating concept maps with my students would be difficult.

                      • Ronald Celestin

                        Comment on "Online Module 1 -"

                        ...layman’s terms and proceeded explain a concept I’ve heard a hundred ti...ecome too  rigid or precise with our concepts and our vocabulary. Sometime...daily basis.   I plan to utilize concept maps in my class more frequently,...