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    • Gerald Ardito

      Facilitating Complex Thinking

      Facilitating Complex Thinking (book chapter). We commonly think of the role of teachers to be content pushers. We push content to our students who are supposed to learn and retain that content. That is certainly part of our job, but our bigger job is to facilitate complex thinking.  ...

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      • Krystal Torres

        Facilitating Complex Thinking

              I have had the opportunity to observe a first grade class the past few months where I have seen many different forms of teaching strategies in action. In Mrs. Santa Maria’s first grade classroom there are many different forms of learners. Those who think creativ...

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        • Yajaira Gonzalez

          reflection chapter 9 Complex Thinking.

          x               Chapter nine closes by stating, “There is an abundance of instructional strategies”. I love this statement because it’s so true, not only is there an abundance but you can also combine and come up with your own as you get to ...

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          • David Evans

            Reflections on Chapter 9, Complex Thinking

            Reflection on Complex Thinking, Chapter 9 This was interesting reading for me, as a new teacher in a special education setting. Why? It provides new insights on types of thinking, and methods of developing these different types of thinking, in the classroom. It describes models for the general...

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            • Ellen Tietjen

              Reflection on Complex Thinking

                   There are many strategies that are often used by educators within the classroom in order to deliver instruction. Each approach, while very different, offers certain purposes to facilitate complex thinking, therefore it is important to understand the forms of thinking when choo...

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              • NorkelisCruz

                Facilitating Complex Thinking Reflection

                     Teaching involves numerous instructional strategies, which are decisions and actions designed to facilitate learning. The choice of strategies depends partly on the forms of thinking intended for students whether the goal is for students to think critically, for example, or to...

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                • ChristineRemy

                  Comlex thinking

                  Facilitating complex thinking is allowing students to be creative and solving their own problems. The challenging part about facilitating complex thinking is incorporating it into academics. All students should have the opportunity to learn how to think critically and creatively with less restric...

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                  • Latoya Knight

                    Facilitating Complex Thinking

                    After reading this chapter I have been enlightened on such a great component of effective teaching. I am now informed about how facilitating students thinking can be a deal-breaker in students achieving positive academic outcomes. I have had the pleasure of researching Constructivism and agreed w...

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                    • Nicole Bailey

                      Complex Thinking

                      The question of who needs critical thinking appears simple and straightforward if critical thinking is considered to be a kind of thinking that helps our students to think better, so that they can learn better and solve their problems in and out of school more effectively. It is a general view th...

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