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    • Louie

      Week 3: Breadcrumbs

      Hey everyone, This week I went through chapter 3 on student development.  Chapter 3 provided  a lot of ways to better understand my students, which will help me teach them as well (my overarching goal).  The chapter talked a lot about the search for identity, and role confusion....

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      • Joanmarie Reid

        Week 3- Breadcrumbs

        In the first chapter of the text, one line refers to teaching as a privilege to help students see and exceed their potential. That is much easier said than done. Teaching a diverse population of students can be overwhelming and disheartening at times. I struggle with scaffolding and making learni...

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        • Joanmarie Reid

          Week 4- Breadcrumbs

          This week I read Chapter 2, which focuses on learning theories. In my past education classes, I read about these theories, but never gave them too much thought on how they can be applied into my actual classroom. This chapter focuses on 2 major learning theories: behaviorism and constructivism. ...

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          • Arlene Fairweather

            Week 3 Breadcrumbs

              My action plan begins with an exploration of student development. This includes the child’s physical, cognitive and social development.  As I interact with my students I can see how all of these factors play out in the classroom and impact the learning environment.  ...

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            • Tatyana Jackson

              So Sorry

              Hey guys im so sorry i wrote but didnt post my breadcrumbs please forgive me. It is attached here in my google doc please feel free to leave comments looking forward to hearing from you guys.

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              • Adacia Teemal

                Week update 2/12-2/16

                This week I was very focused on scaffolding my students to take the Earth Science common assessment exam. I was also focused on getting my Forensic Science students to do more hands on work. In order to scaffold my students to take the common assessment exam, I assigned three assignments to both ...

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                • Arlene Fairweather

                  Week 4 breadcrumbs

                  Week 4 Breadcrumbs Student Motivation I have spent countless hours trying to put together lesson plans and the question that I ponder the most is “What can I do to get the students to want to learn this concept?”.  I search the web and look through books to try to find acti...

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