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    • Cindy Raoul

      C.Raoul Week 11

      For me, comprehending a text means that one understands the auth...or context of text. I read a book, sometimes I tend to life experiences and these books never really had any thought...chool and I got to choose the book I wanted to write about and I...s a lack of representation in books t...

      • Tamdeka Hughes-Carroll

        Week 5

        A poster is a visual medium, and thus design matters. However, the most memorable creative and thoughtful ways. (Dalton, Love that Book) I found this article to be m...iculum, we recommend that you start with a favorite book an...

        • Colleen Vogle

          Reply on topic: Week 4: Adolescent literacy

          Hi Cindy,   Thank you for your post this week, I like that you kept to the point and I am...the classroom. Literacy don’t only come from reading a good book, it also comes from making sure that the same book is...

          • Xi Xi Hu

            Reply on topic: Group E week 5 discussion

            Close reading refers to students’ ability to read in between lines of the text t...Grisham’s approach in their “Love that Book” article to tackle this...e such as VoiceThread collaborative response, video book tr...

            • Gerald Ardito

              Questions for our Book

              I am very excited about how this project is shaping up. Here are the six questions that received the most votes: 2. In a practical sense, how can teachers combat the restrictive...

              • Darren Dempster

                Reply on topic: Professional Development Plans

                ...rstanding. I have given a few projects as assessments this year but...based on the assessments and projects that I have provided, I need...summative exam or a summative project. By planning the starting poi...mmarized through an exam or a project.    R...

                • Cindy Raoul

                  Week 4: Adolescent literacy

                  Traditional instruction doesn’t develop all the knowledge writers need — media. Most information is not being read from a book. These students are learning...its users. Students now don’t even read from books b...

                  • Cindy Raoul

                    Week 7 Cindy Raoul

                    To address the question, What does adolescent literacy mean in the digital age an...every social media platform such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Teaching in a w...ave tried to make the switch from hard or paperback books t...

                    • Alex Muniz

                      Reply on topic: Questions for our Book

                      I think the questions the class chose are perfect for assembling a wider variety of questions for the class book. That being said, I would love to work closer with questions 2, 8 and 11. 

                      • Rafael

                        Reply on topic: Questions for our Book

                        I think i would enjoy writing on questions 2 and 11. But i feel that if we do not include more that itll be hard to create a full fledged book. So on that note I feel that 6 and 7 should also be included because it offers a more focused idea to the discussion.