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    • Susan Granata

      Comment on "CS Lesson Plan 1.doc"

      ...parent, I hated the standard book report assignments (and the r...ed, that the use of the Chromebooks in class will keep them focused and interested in the project. The project serves to deepen their unders...literature than the standard book reports we used to have to write...

      • Isma Butt

        Comment on "Alan Kay on Powerful Ideas"

        Alan Kay elaborated on the idea that science is about making relationships and in the...plan of attack for this is to use the analogy of a book to an organism. An organelle would be a single letter in the book, a...

        • Johnny Chapeton

          Comment on "Manovich Reading"

          Hi Mei, I used to personally like print books too. I still do. I like the sense more in-tune with reading digital books. I really like how useful th...Instead of searching through a book for a quote or key word, I ca...elieve that we will see more digital books b...

          • Brianna Iliceto

            Comment on "Lesson Plans"

            I like your idea of giving a preview of the movie before assigning the book. This will make the students more interested in reading the book. I...

            • Robert Goldberg

              Comment on "Lesson Plans"

              Ciao Jamie, I agree with Brianna in that it is a good idea to show a preview of the movie version before assigning a book, if there is a movie of the book of course. I think talking ab...ids who use spark notes instead of reading the book. I...

              • Susan Granata

                Comment on "Blended learning hologram/holographic technology proposal "UPDATE""

                This is such a great project - I made one of these with my son about...y students would LOVE to make this project! We have clear acryl...nd have my students make their own projectors for their phones and table...recreate a famous soliloquy from a book or play and make a hologram read...

                • Gerald Ardito

                  Comment on "Final Project and Review"

                  Daniele, I thought you did a terrific job with this project. I clear indicator is that yo...lso love that you adapted the project in response to your students&...built that skill set into the project plan ("Fostering patienc...quo;academics” into the project as well.  “How can...

                  • Johnny Chapeton

                    Comment on "About me"

                    Hi Mei, I think that the use of technology and makerspaces in libraries is going to increase in...n ever, we are in a world where many people would rather read a book using some sort of piece of technology than a traditional book. A...

                    • Gerald Ardito

                      Comment on "#mycoollessonplan"

                      Rachel, This seems like an interesting lesson idea. And I like that you are connecting the lesson to a book. I am unfamiliar with the book and wonder if it talks about the refraction of light or other related science concepts. Can you help me understand that?

                      • Sara Herbrand

                        Comment on "Scratch"

                        I wanted to post a follow up to my scratch project.  I finished it a week experience with this scratch project! I did have some experienc...n I had!   With this project, I decided I wanted to create...t one or two blocks.  This project came together by looking at o...