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    • Danielle Scally

      Comment on "HTML - Week 2, Blog - Week 7!" down the road I would be working on the same thing in a graduate class.  I am about to get started on the HTML program and by reading your blogs I notice how organized it is!...

      • Gerald Ardito

        Comment on "Lesson Plan"

        ...very meaningful for the students. I particularly think the blog writing is a great way to support this work. I had my Science students write on blogs for years and respond to one...

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        • Alanna Kardon-Alkalay

          Youth Cultures Project

          ...the adjacent possible.  Retrieved from  

          • Ty Robson

            Week 9 Response

                                        One issue I could see in the methodology of th...

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            • Gerald Ardito

              Program an Arduino With State Machines in 5 Minutes

              I know it is definitely too early in the course for this, but I just spent the past half hour trying this out and it is incredibly cool. I post it here now, as...

              • Jacqueline Kagan

                100 Best Websites for Science Teachers

                This is a really helpful website for finding resources. There are links to a lot of publications and videos for science teachers and students of various scientific disciplines and grade levels. It also includes tools, blogs and museum websites. 

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                • Gerald Ardito

                  Getting Started with Pace Commons

                  ...s! This is a social network where we can learn together in all kinds of ways. And like any social network you can do all kinds of things - post blogs, create webpages, share photo...

                  • Gerald Ardito


                    Resources The web is full of resources to help us in our studies.  The trick is to know where to look.  I've done the leg wor...

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                    • Cindy Raoul

                      Week 4: Adolescent literacy

                      ...mostly things are happening online via social media. Most information is not being read from a book. These students are learning from reading from blogs or on other media platforms w...