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    • Gerald Ardito

      Getting Started with Pace Commons

      ...s! This is a social network where we can learn together in all kinds of ways. And like any social network you can do all kinds of things - post blogs, create webpages, share photo...

      • Gerald Ardito


        Resources The web is full of resources to help us in our studies.  The trick is to know where to look.  I've done the leg wor...

        • Usama Tahir

          Usama Tahir-Portfolio ED-631

          ...every day is a new day and this is going to continue. If this portfolio is not sufficient to satisfy your curiosity, I invite you to see my weekly blogs and see what I had to overcom...

          • Gerald Ardito

            Unit 2(R) – Code is Poetry: An introduction to programming languages and logic

            In this unit, you will be exploring a set of block based programming tools, such as Scratch and Turtle Blocks, as well as soon text based programming languages suc...