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    • Alanna Kardon-Alkalay

      Youth Cultures Project

      ...the adjacent possible.  Retrieved from  

      • Ty Robson

        Week 9 Response

                                    One issue I could see in the methodology of th...

        • Kesiah Mathew

          Final Reflection

          ...his was a useful tool for me because I could use skills I learned from this the course to create my own webpage and blogs for my students to share thoughts, ideas, articles, and blogs with one another. https://...

          • Zeeshan Pervaiz

            Action plan for semester

            ...h a variety of learning styles as possible. I may alter the second phase of my plan based on the research i gather in the first so I will keep the blogs up to date. 

            • David Evans

              Reflections: Chunk #3, Motivation in my classroom...

              ...on a daily basis.   I did some additional research on “motivation in the special education world”, and discovered some related blogs on practices some use that ti...

              • Colleen Vogle

                Final Plan to work through the material of the course (ED 631)

                ...ching experience but my students learning experiences. As I’m going through this course they will too, of course they won’t be posting blogs and holding conversations abo...

                • Xin

                  Action Plan. XJ

                  ...opic they’ve learned to real life scenarios.   Accountability partner I am putting all my work onto Pace Commons and the blogs and fellow classmates will be...

                  • Alicia DelMastro

                    Dance Off Challenge

                    ...t was gone! I tried so many different strategies to try and solve this but I was unsuccessful for quite a few days. After many tutorial videos and blogs and trying fresh batteries, I...

                    • Charlton Simmons

                      Week 6 Assignments

                      ...ion of technology over the past decade, students are now writing online. Kathleen Yancy highlighted that nowadays, everyone is a writer because of blogs, forums, and social media (Ya...

                      • Dira Cumberbatch

                        Reading Response Week 6

                        ...s engaged. Kathleen Yancy talks about how writing now belongs to the writer and not an institution she discuss how everyone is a writer because of blogs and social media (Yancy, 2012...