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    • Kendall Stevenson

      Unit 3 – Beautiful Evidence: Using data visualization to make sense of information

      ...over any another program. Excel is still a powerful tool for smaller datasets, basic data entry, simpler functions open-source programming language that’s frequently used in big data analysis with more advanc...

      • Tee Williams

        Chapter 1 - Manovich Response to Chapter 1 Reading

        ...computers to store student’s data and other important informat...ers to be able to receive the same data if needed. The E-School syste...e can than go back and look at the data from tests or assignments and...a very short quote but has a very big meaning. People do make the wo...

        • Tee Williams

          Learning Log - Code is Beautiful

 languages are open and never ending. Codes is data that has to be inputted to be...Received and error message for this lesson call Data Type lll: Booleans. htt...

          • Gabrielle Pasiak

            Week 5/6: Storying Data Project

            Attached you will find my storying data project. 

            • Marc Steven Michel

              Storying Data- Marc Steven Michel

              Here is my storying Data Project attached.

              • Roberto Molina

                Youth Culture Paper

                Here you go everyone... I attached the word file, and I am also putting the paper in the body of the blog post. &...rmal conversations.  These areas include: Role Models, Privilege (having a big...

                • Gerald Ardito

                  UBD Template

                  This is the template for planning using Understanding by Design from the 2nd edition of McTighe and Wiggins' book.

                  • Dannette Fogle

                    Student Data

                    • Antonia Bueti

                      Antonia Bueti - Final Youth Culture.docx

                      In or Out? Abstract What causes a middle school child to suddenly change” making abrupt changes in their image. One specific way I collected data about what fifth graders perc...