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    • Siobhan Wilmot-Dunbar

      Comment on "Siobhan's Programming Journal #3"

      Hey Dana, Thanks so much! For this project, I created the data directly in R as a dataset, so I said month<-c(' the trace line). Then I created a data frame from that by saying Tra...:   plotName<-plot_ly(DataFrame, x=xAxisData, y=yAxisDat...

      • Gerald Ardito

        Comment on "Genetics Unit Plan #1"

        Hi Bianca! I really enjoy your seating arrangement for students. I think that is a big factor still in high school. I also think...nd explain the topic. I think adding a few big ideas could be beneficial to...e getting the points across to explain that big...

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        • Gina Raus

          Critical Response 4

          To create an intriguing visualization, you need to find good data. The question is, where do we...If you are looking for the data yourself, you need to know wh...o collect this mass amount of data. Dr. Lynch discusses to be as intriguing as the data that the graphic is built upo...

          • Susan Granata

            Unit 3 - Beautiful Evidence in Full Color - Granata

            #BeautifulEvidence What afford...allow users to manipulate the data into useful visualization. I...rying the NYS 2018 Assessment data by first evaluating the entir...nge the “Subject” data to only a number, and did so...olor code, sort and stack the data, I found both to be similar t...

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            • Gerald Ardito

              Literacy Case Study

              Literacy Case Study   This assi...the results. These will be the “data” you will collect to in...;s happening. These will be the “data” you will collect to in...hrough which to skillfully present the data and discuss findings of the l...

              • Gerald Ardito

                Unit 3 – Beautiful Evidence: Using data visualization to make sense of information ADVANCED

                This unit is focused on the use o...e, investigate, and visualize data by telling stories. Visualizing Data For this project, we are g...this project, you will use a dataset from the New York State Ed...allow you to tell with these data? For the data visualizat...

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                • Gerald Ardito


                  ...titative Text Analysis 3 Data Visualizations 4 Tools...University [video] "Big Data + Old History" by Adam C...lf via TED [video] Great Big Data Sets to Tinker With via S...ects, Favorite Data" via Data Stories [podcast]...

                  • Siobhan Wilmot-Dunbar

                    Siobhan's Programming Journal #4

           download. I converted that data into a csv file, then manuall...o;s the way I’m pulling data from the table into plotly....owest average scores from the data, if I am reading it visualizations in R, the bigger picture can truly be seen,...

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                    • Gerald Ardito

                      Big Ideas and Essential Questions

                      Here is a collection of our Final/Stable Big Ideas and Essential Questions

                      • Johnny Chapeton

                        Final Reflection

                        I believe that my best work from this course was the dealer's choice challenge whi...ance of having a course like that unless someone was big into computers and wanted to...learn a lot about computers, but I think that it is bigg...

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                        • Giuseppe Marchica

                          Week 6

                          The models for writing instruction range between content...nstrating effective writing with immediate, concrete data to support their claims&rdquo...port using details supported by actual evidence from data collected. Within our MOSL (M...

                          • Tien Yin  Lee

                            Reply on topic: 3 Questions about a certain Topic.

                            1. Yet to be unknown, not enough research/data. 2. Possibly. 3. It could be a possible.    

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