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    • Mikaela Fernandes-Dix

      summer vacation in Greece

      This past summer I visited Greece for the first time and thought it was a beautiful country. This picture was taken at the Parthenon, were my family and I walked to to the top to see...was amazing. This picture shows the culture and soc...

      • Rachel Scarano

        My favorite picture I took

        I am so proud of this picture because they are two of my favorite famous people, Cardi B & Offset. I saw them one night and I took a picture with flash really up close and then their security yelled at me. It was so worth it!!!!

        • Susan Granata

          Walle and mBot

          Dance, robots!

          • Abdul Amunikoro


            I choose this photo because of how books can force people to have conversations they do not want to have or don't think about often having. it also represent when we read a story, we can be transported to certain stages of our emotional and mental state of mind. 

            • Alexandria Delaney

              My life as a writer

              When I do something I always aim to do it perfectly.  As a student, one of the hardest things for me to learn was that its okay to have an imperfect first draft and I will say that is one of the best things I have learned.