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    • Gerald Ardito

      Final Reports, all in one place (mostly) Andrea Bromberg Farragut...y into Cultural Awareness and Art Creation http://pacecommons.o...o Convent of the Sacred Heart

      • Rachel Scarano

        Article Responses

        Article 1: What Kindergarten Students Learn in Inquiry-Based Science Classr...amarapungavan, Helen Patrick, and Panayota Mantzicopou, share what the role of inquiry is in elementary science in their article titled, “What Kindergarten Students Learn in Inquiry-Based Science Classrooms&...

        • Rachel Richards

          Rachel's Proposal

          ...advertise”. You are an ART school, but where are the art programs; we have 2 sub teach...ment for many of our students and we cannot keep changing; our...ife, gender identity, puberty and hormonal change. During th...We are not a screening school and we do not control which stude...

          • Clarissa Martinez

            Unit Plan Draft

            Unit Plan Your Name Clarissa Martinez Uni...s. This is because different parts of these instructions are us...then only list the relevant part[s].)  ...Common Core Standards List the number and...

            • Adacia Teemal

              My Journey Through Educational Psychology Portfolio

              ...ed out because I am teaching Earth Science and Forensic Science. I have never taken an Earth class in my life and so I co teach my fourth period Earth Science class. She coteaches wit...eets that will be utilized as inquiry data for our upcoming classes...

              • Tamdeka Hughes-Carroll

                Thinking and learning

                ...I found it a little humorous and ironic because as I read the section on behaviourism and the illustration of the dogs...the next topic but scientific inquiry is a part of our everyday lives no matter w...nally, she got up, came to me and quietly asked her question. Altho...

                • Alexa Tanglis

                  Week 5 Breadcrumbs

                  ...f ‘home’ anywhere and the students who I mainly see...nce September which is great, and I’m currently trying to...o follow since they played a part in choosing the activity.&nbs...sp; Although I speak Spanish, and often teach a lot in Spanish,...out how I can have students start res...

                  • Tyler Pope Pablo Schelpat

                    Final Project

                    ...y impacts student achievement and behavior. Research has determined the situational and dispositional factors that co...omenon, boredom is ubiquitous and not confined to...wherein students attempted to artificially generate and decision making in an inquiry-based summer school program f...

                    • Tamren Estevez

                      On Alan Kay's Universal Machine

                      ...our computers to analyze text and visualize it for us. A word that some of the key terms and as well as the key takeaways...matter in which I am able to articulate my thoughts on this chapter and share it with a group of...between computer culture and art history. Manovich does this p...

                      • Jamie Soldinger

                        English Assessment

                          Part 1 New York State's standards for the ELA is broken down into three essential parts, Reading, Writing, and lastly Speaking and Listening. Without reading these standards, I had already understood...essed in the readings.  Part 2 bring about the idea of an...