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    • Gerald Ardito

      New York State Learning Standards and Assessments

      New York State Learning Standards and Assessments   Content Area Standards Assessments Science – Living Environment NY State Science Learning Standards P-12 Living Environment Regents ...

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      • Gerald Ardito

        Session 7/8 - Standards and Assessment Analysis

        Adolescent Content Standards and Assessment Analysis   Please see this page for links to the various standards and assessments for the various content areas.   Part 1: Content Area Standards Analysis 1. Review the standards document for your area. Note that most of the...

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        • Taylor Bolger

          The Bird

          Alright guys, heres the bird. What are we naming it?

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          • Brianna Iliceto

            NYS Science Curriculum

            PART 1 As I reviewed the set curriculum guidelines for the sciences from grades P-12 there are some things that I have observed. For one, as the grade levels progressed, the curriculum became heavier and more specific. This is common sense because the older you get, the harder your school...

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            • Jamie Soldinger

              English Assessment

                Part 1 New York State's standards for the ELA is broken down into three essential parts, Reading, Writing, and lastly Speaking and Listening. Without reading these standards, I had already understood the importance of developing analytical skills but was unaware to what degree NY...

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              • Courtney Pabst

                Math Assessment

                PART 2 2017- August Algebra I Regents Exam The test is separated into 4 parts part 1: 24 multiple choice – 2 credits each question part 2: 8 short answer – 2 credits each question part 3: 4 short answer (2 parts each) – 4 credits each question part 4: 1 short a...

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                • Gerald Ardito

                  NY State Learning Standards - Textual Analysis

                  I have uploaded each of the four standards documents into a textual analysis tool called Voyant-Tools.  Social Studies Math ELA Science   Take a look at the visualizations we get by doing this type of analysis.

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                  • Jamie Soldinger

                    Big Ideas and Essential Questions

                    Big Ideas: It is important to read literature from the past and understand what message the author was trying to convey. Expressing oneself through writing is very important. Writing responses to literature, while also connecting it to yourself. Essential Questions: What ...

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                    • Nicholas Neuner

                      Big Ideas & Esential questions

                      Big Ideas 1. Writing should be reflective of the individuals perspective through experience. 2. Interpeting themes from texts in order to help create a large themed piece of writing. essential questions. 3. Reading should be used in developing analytical thinking Essential Questions 1. Ho...

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                      • Gerald Ardito

                        Session 11 - Stable Big Ideas/Essential Questions, Assessment Reflection, Unit Choice

                        Here is the work for Session 11 (2/27/2018). 1. Stable Big Ideas/Essential Questions. Your first task is to refine the Big Ideas and Essential Questions you have developed for your content areas based on today's class and the feedback you received from your classmates. As we discussed, the...

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