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    • Gerald Ardito

      Unit Planning Groups

      Here is the common landing zone for our unit planning work. ***Here are the requirements for this work*** Grade 1 - Jackie and Angelica Grade 2 - Kayla A, Kayla R, Rachel Grade 3 - Lilly, Michael Grade 4 - Mikaela, Sam Grade 5 - Kealy, Rochelle Grade 6 - Kaitlyn, Nicolett...

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        Presentation - How People Learn

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          Upcoming Schedule for TCH 420

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          • Gerald Ardito

            Reading/Video Response Instructions

            Responses to Readings and Videos It is easy to write poor responses to readings and videos. Let’s be specific about what quality responses look and feel like in our time together. While you read, you should annotate the text or video with both our guiding question and your own interests/...

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            • Gerald Ardito

              Online Course Work for 10/17

              Here is the work that replaces our class for 10/17/2018. Reading/Video Response Today, we are going to be doing some reading and watching videos of some teachers in action to investigate a set of guiding questions: What is the role of inquiry and discovery in the teaching of science?&n...

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              • Gerald Ardito

                Focus/Revise your Lesson Plan

                You have already designed a lesson plan that addresses a science topic of your choice for a grade level of your choice.  Now, we want to zoom in a bit to clarify some parts of this plan. So, you are doing to do the following: 1. Identify the core concepts. Take some time and review...

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                • Gerald Ardito

                  Creating a Lesson Plan Sequence

                  Creating and Teaching Lesson Plans Our last chunk of work for the course is to create a sequence of five science lessons for elementary students. You will then be asked to teach 20 minutes from one of these lessons in front of the class. Schedule We will be working on the plans in the co...

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                      It might not be magic, but a sprouting bean can still hold you under its spell

                      Incredibly beautiful

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                        A (brief) History of Cheese

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