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    • Gerald Ardito

      Comment on "Papert Reading Response"

      Tabitha, You raise a really good point. I refer you to my comment to Caitlyn above about Papert and his notion of "Powerful Ideas." We began work on this in TCH...


      • Tamren Estevez

        On Alan Kay's Universal Machine

            I thought it would be appropriate to begin my reflection on Manovich's first chapter in Software Takes Command by utilizing one...

        • Gerald Ardito

          TCH 215 Big Ideas and Essential Questions

          Essential Questions: What does learning about learning teach us about teaching? How can we create learning environments that facilitate that foster, promote, su...




          • Gerald Ardito

            Week 1 Work - TCH 420

            ...which you share a memorable experience from your elementary school years in science, 4) share a photo. For each of these pieces, use the tag: tch420week1 4. Science Question o...

            • Gerald Ardito

              Session 3

              So here is the work for Session #3 (January 30): 1. Get up to date. If there is any work you have not yet done on Pace Commons, please get up to...

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              • Caroline Migliaro

                Tch 215

                Me doing my homework for this class :)


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