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    • Robert Goldberg


      I chose this article despite its age due to Pace University being referenced. The title is a basic summary of the piece.

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      • Robert Goldberg

        John Hattie Rading Response

        John Hattie has researched the concept of feedback extensively and has defined it from his own perspective. His overarching definition of feedback is that it pertains to information derived from one source, such as a teacher or one’s own experience, that details whether a person has met the...

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        • Robert Goldberg

          Reflection on Teaching

                   After thinking back upon yesterday’s experience, I have come to realize there are many things I still need to work on. Overall, I felt the lesson went ok. I am satisfied with how I was able to get my point across, though I feel as if I did not motivate a...

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          • Robert Goldberg

            US History Draft - Curriculum Project

            Working Document for US History Group Part One When going through the curriculum for high school social studies, specifically US history, I noted several interesting trends. There is great emphasis placed upon minority groups and their struggles to obtain rights. This can be seen in most of...

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            • Robert Goldberg

              Big Ideas and Essential Questions

                  What is most important?   Big Ideas-Enduring Understandings 1) History is based on facts but also on stories told from one person or groups perspective. 2) Events that happened in the past influenced the present and shaped the world we live in. 3) Do not fo...

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              • Gerald Ardito

                Session 9

                Here is the work for Session 9. So, now we have identified a few ways that we can establish priorities for teaching: 1. Standards Documents (which we have been investigating) 2. Student Experiences  - taking into account what we know about our students 3. Teacher Experiences ...

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