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    • Mashfiq Ahmed

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             &nb...ldquo;Professional Development,” 2019). A critical component for pr...ent (“Effective Feedback,” 2019). Beyond the rubrics that I h...vide Effective Feedback For Learning. (2019, May 30). Retrieved from http...

      • Jing Zhu

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        Self reflecting is a process that better way (Chappelow and Macauley, 2019).   Another part...pect and care (Chappelow and Macauley, 2019).   My action pla...  Chappelow, C., MaCauley, C. (2019). What good feedback really l...

        • Germa Dubois

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          ...orward to taking more courses from him in the near future. For this summer course we focused on assessme...ow era where blacks and whites were segregated? It is beyond me that in 2019 we have schools that are not...

          • Ronald McHenry

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              At the beginning of this course I identified time management as an area of gro...sessment, I plan on revising my curriculum over the summer to be sure that I’m exp...I will begin looking for these opportunities in the summ...

            • Amanda Spain-Perales

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              In my self-assessment of using assessment, I stated that I wanted to incorporate my craft, this will be beneficial in meeting my school’s goal for the 2019-20 school year. During our la...

              • Anees Mohammad

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                  Greetings, I am a first-year science teacher at John Dewey High School, a district 21school located...s instruction throughout the unit rather than when it ends. My goal for this summ...

                • Toby Marxuach-Gusciora

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                  I have met with  7 of my 8 teachers only one teacher found it confusing. Several liked it because it made them think about several things they had not thought about  previously. Also some of them used it in their classes this summer.I have all second year tears.