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    • Gerald Ardito

      Comment on "Reflection"

      Rebecca, I really appreciate your reflection and the commitment and fun you have brought to this course. I, too,...s elaborate as I would have liked I still very much liked it. Have a great summ...

      • Gerald Ardito

        Comment on "Robot Song"

        That is just super cute! It would be great to coordinate the blinking of lights with the tune. Something to try in the summer (maybe).

        • Gerald Ardito

          Comment on "Danielle Scally-Final Blog Post :("

          Danielle, Thanks so much for your thoughtful reflection. I am thrilled to hear this: This was definitely...esting course I have taken at Pace.  I am taking my final two courses this summ...

          • Lisa Berlinger

            Comment on "Alan Kay on Powerful Ideas"

            Honestly, sometimes I really wish I was teaching math. I taught math in small groups as a paraeducator for four years, and was assigned to math this past summ...

            • Tyler Pope Pablo Schelpat

              Comment on "First of all, It was a jar, not a box"

              Someone should have remembered their SOCS (specific, observable, concrete, and I forget the last one) when instructing Pandora about what to do with the jar. If that person had been in Summer training, they probably would have gotten a 1 or a 2 and then been kicked out.

              • Vicente Viteri

                Comment on "Ed Psych Week 1: Boredom"

                I know what you are both getting at, I have some students that get bored because they are brilliant and can learn in...can recommend Boredom by Alberto Moravia to the both of you for some summ...

                • Sam Miake-Lye

                  Comment on "Week 8 Breadcrumbs (Chapter 11)"

                  Caroline - A lot of my independent practice is practice Regents questions. I'm devoting a ton of time this summ...

                  • Gerald Ardito

                    Comment on "Reading Response#2"

                    Lorna, Your response to this set of readings is very thorough and thoughtful, and is clearly colored by your exte...e thing and certainly not at the same time. Are you taking ED 524 later this summ...

                    • Gerald Ardito

                      Comment on "Independent Essay"

                      Rebecca, You did a very good job with this project. Your arguments are well articulated, and you very nicely great to hear you say this. I know we have been discussing similar ideas all summ...

                      • Jeff Magliola

                        Comment on "What I've Accomplished"

                        Ha ha! We'll get that mBot through the maze for sure! Let's fine some time this summer