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    • Gerald Ardito

      Gerald Ardito

      About me: ...s experience includes adult education, adolescent Biology, and most recently higher education. He is the Assistant Chair and Assistant Professor of STEM-D Education at Pace Universit...

      • Daniele Saccoccio

        Daniele Saccoccio

        About me: I am a Special Ed teacher working towards continuing ed.  This is my last class for the STEM-D through Pace. 

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        • Caitlyn Brehm

          Comment on "Introduction"

          ...with you more about exposing students in the grades K-12 to STEM topics. So many students don't know what STEM is or the skills they can dev...interested in content taught in their regular classes find STEM to be an area they flourish i...

          • Siobhan Wilmot-Dunbar

            Comment on "Introduction"

            That's so true Caitlyn! And I think those students who do not understand what STEM is find such subjects daunting (so often seen especially with computer science) and limit themselves by avoiding it altogether, especially with that lack of exposure. 

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            • Siobhan Wilmot-Dunbar


              ...hance the educational experience. As a woman in STEM, I also find it important for...s, mainly in the K-12 area, to have exposure to STEM topics and tools, and for gir...tion I have, well perhaps two questions, is how STEM tools can be used in combinat...

              • Kesiah Mathew

                Week 10 Response

       for today’s society because of the expansion and advancement of STEM education. The results and co...cles we have read in this course, we see that projects and activities in STEM encourage students to think c...

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                • Kesiah Mathew

                  Teaching STEM Skills with NAO Robots

                  ...middle school to enhance 21st century skills in STEM. The conclusions and ideas di...cle are significant because of the expansion of STEM education in schools. One of...pacts that computer programming and robotics in STEM education can make. It a...

                  • Sara Herbrand

                    Week 10 - Bookmark

            ...e the robotics into the curriculum she is already teaching!   STEM is big in the middle school a...

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                    • Gerald Ardito

                      Working with Python Trinkets

                      Trinkets are interactive segments of code that are useful as a teaching and learning tool.. They work as live, interactive segments of code, which are embeddable on web pages.  I have been doing some work lately with 6th, 7th, and 8th grade boys in White Plains to teach them codi...

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                    • Peekskill STEM Study Group

                      Peekskill STEM Study Group

                      Here is a place for us to learn about teaching with and through STEM together.
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