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    • Gerald Ardito

      How Do Birds Learn to Sing?

      This is a really interesting article (with a great accompanying video) about how birds learn to sing their song. It turns out to be a fascinating mixture of nature and nurture.

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        Course Syllabus

        Here is our course syllabus.

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          Payne, An Introduction to Philosophy

          Here is our course textbook. It's both free and open.

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            PHI 180 Course Readings

            Here is a link to the readings for this course.

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              Course Presentations

              Here is where you can access any presentations created for this course.

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                350 Animated Videos That Will Teach You Philosophy, from Ancient to Post-Modern

                This link provides links to a huge set of animated videos about various topics in Philosophy. Explore, watch, learn.

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                  Response to the Ancient Philosophers

                  To finish up our work on the Ancient Philosophers (Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle) for now, you are going to post a written response that addresses these guidelines: 1. Themes What are the central ideas for each of these philosophers? 2. Education/Learning What do these philosophe...

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                    Resources on the Ancient Philosophers

                    Some of you have asked me for more resources regarding the Ancient Philosophers. So, here goes. Ebooks (free) Plato Aristotle   Audiobooks (free) Plato Aristotle's Poetics   Videos: Western Philosophy (very cool videos) Introductions to the World...

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                      PHI 180 Fall 2019

                      Here is a collection of photos from this semester's work.

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                        A History of Ideas

                        . A video playlist on various philosophical topics  

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