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    • Christopher Sarcone

      Comment on "Manovich: Alan Kay's Universal Media Machine"

      ...sroom...[] as if they [were] just regular whiteboards.";For a number of years I had to use my personal computer just to keep pace.  And it is with this ki...

      • Jazmine Santiago

        Comment on "Learning Theories Project"

        ...iciency in this topic. You might, for example, choose to write a post on Pace Commons that demonstrates you...eory. Once again, be creative and bold. This work is due to be posted on Pace Commons by the end of Phase 3...

        • Ty Robson

          Comment on "Hello all!"

          ...rips.  I went to Moscow and St. Petersburg last March, as well.  Interestingly, my longtime and current roommate was a student athlete at Pace... he drives a moving truck n...

          • Tamren Estevez

            Comment on "Hey, Everybody!"

            ...ourses that also take the level of student interaction into consideration. I have a huge dislike for the blackboard learning management system that Pace utilizes primarily for online...

            • Tamren Estevez

              Comment on "Introduction"

              ...and will do! Looking forward to the next couple of weeks. I'm really interested to learn more about the actual execution of this course within Pace Commons. I was expecting Blac...

              • Gerald Ardito

                Comment on "Introduction"

                Tamren, I appreciate your comments about Pace Commons. I am really interested in investigating the kinds of learning and learning communities that get built here, as opposed to those in Blackboard.  

                • Melissa Meireles

                  Comment on "Video of my dancing robot"

                  Hey Rebecca,  Nice job with your dance! I like how you made the robot spin and move faster according to the pace of the song. Good idea creating the variable speed and setting it to 100 but then changing the speed later on to 255. 

                  • Gerald Ardito

                    Comment on "Danielle Scally-Final Blog Post :("

           for your thoughtful reflection. I am thrilled to hear this: This was definitely the most hands on and interesting course I have taken at Pace.  I am taking my final t...

                    • Gerald Ardito

                      Comment on "Reflection"

             to hear. I am glad you had this experience: I was very excited for this course upon discovering that it would be offered during my time at Pace because it emphasizes th...

                      • Christopher Sarcone

                        Comment on "Papert & Classroom Engagement"

                        ...have struggled to find a way to implement many of these ideas in my classrooms.  The reasons are twofold.  First time-constraints to keep pace with the curriculum set forth...