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  • Philosophy of Education Fall 2019

    Philosophy of Education Fall 2019

    Welcome to the online home for PHI 180.
  • EDG 614 Fall 2019

    EDG 614 Fall 2019

    Here is the online home for EDG 614 Fall 2019.
  • Blending Learning Fall 2019

    Blending Learning Fall 2019

    This is the online home for Blending Learning Fall 2019.
    • Kendall Stevenson

      Learn a Little / Teach a Little Planning Post

      I would like to learn a little bit about developing an interactive online S.T.E.M. platform for students/teachers to learn/teach through hands-on instruction. I understand that there are plenty of online learning platforms available, I would like to create an interactive platform that uses hologr...

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      • Gerald Ardito

        EDG 614 Course Work

        Here is the landing page for the work for our course.   Resources Here are some resources you will be using in this course: Course Syllabus Course Readings Schedule of Course Readings Planning Templates Course Presentations Reading Responses/Annotated Bibliogra...

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        • Gerald Ardito

          Week 1

          Here is the work for Week 1. 1. Listen/Respond. You are going to listen to an episode of a podcast and then participation in a Group Discussion. You can find the Group Discussion here. 2. Read/Annotate. For this course, you will be doing a set of readings across various topics relevant ...

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          • Gerald Ardito

            Reading and Responses/Annotated Bibliography

            Key Assignment: Reading and Responses/Annotated Bibliography For this excursion, you are going to read from a wide range of research into the teaching and learning of science for  adolescents, in order to develop a deeper understanding of who and what we are dealing with as secondary ...

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