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    • Gerald Ardito

      Final Unit Plan plus Changes Memo

      It's now time to finish our Unit Plans. (As a...s what is expected. 1. By the end of Tuesday (4/3/2018). Upload your full unit plan...;unitplandevelopment 2. By mid day Wednesday (4/4/2018). Leave feedback for EVERY st...

      • Gerald Ardito

        Session 11 - Stable Big Ideas/Essential Questions, Assessment Reflection, Unit Choice

        Here is the work for Session 11 (2/27/2018). 1. Stable Big Ideas/Essential Questions. Your first task is to refine the Big Ideas and Essential Questions you have developed for your co...

        • Gerald Ardito

          Online Course Work for 10/17

          Here is the work that replaces our class for 10/17/2018. Reading/Video Response Today, we are going to be doing some reading and watching videos of some teachers in action to investigate...