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    • Susan Granata

      Comment on "We've Put a Worm's Mind in a Lego Robot's Body"

      Although I appreciate the curiosity and science behind this project, I have to admit...April 13). Can we really upload Johnny Depp's brain? Retrieved January 24, 2018, from

      • Anita Prentice

        Comment on "Submitting your Final Inquiry Report"

        Final report =

        • Sara Herbrand

          Comment on "Scratch"

          I wanted to post a follow up to my scratch project.  I finished it a week ago, but with job changes, I've...have some experience with scratch previously.  In one of my classes in the fall...

          • Leanne Benson

            Comment on "Hey Hey!!"

            She's talking about TS 654 - Designing Standard Based Technology-Enhanced Curriculum that we took in Fall 2015 

            • Clarissa Martinez

              Comment on "Repetition: Real Talk"

              It is surprising how it can all seem so simple to us, but be so difficult for them to remember. I think maybe comi...classroom setup and routine gets them confused. Over time I think they will all fall...

              • Isma Butt

                Comment on "Invisibilia Podcast from NPR - How to Become Batman"

                I have two entire classes of ELL's, most of these students have only been in this country less than two performs below average. This is something I have actively tried not to fall into the pitfall...

                • Alexa Tanglis

                  Comment on "Week 6 Breadcrumbs"

                  quizlet is our sped teacher's favorite resource! I have definitely found it helpful as well, especially for st...nbsp; I like that you mentioned that all of these categories of disabilities fall...

                  • Alexa Tanglis

                    Comment on "Week 5 Breadcrumbs (Chapter 8)"

                    the fact that you have time (or make time) to make bi-weekly calls home blows my mind!! Time is something I feel the last time I tried it.  Your post just reminds me how easy it is to fall...

                    • Gerald Ardito

                      Comment on "Reading Response 3"

                      Tabitha, Once again, you have done an excellent job in your response. What most strikes me is that I feel like I can "see" your engagement with the students you will have in the fall...