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    • Gerald Ardito

      Final Reports, all in one place (mostly)

      Here is a set of links to all of your Andrea Mike Joshua Paris...

      • Laurie Barry

        Motivation and Learning: Chapter 6 Overview

        Student motivation is one of the most important aspects a teacher should...ant our student’s motivations to fall more in the mastery goal deeper understanding. Students that fall into the performance goal pay extra attention to student that fall...

        • Anthony Travaglini

          Beautiful Evidence: Data Visualization - Unit 3

          For this assignment I was a bit overwhelmed with the amou...4 year cohort graduation / dropout information 2017/2018 Report - Clarkstown North...wn South has the greatest number of students in 2017/2018 4-year cohort  ...

          • Lindsey Soto

            Lesson Plan Sequence

            My lesson plan sequence is on the Fall of the Roman Empire. It would consist of 5 lessons. The first lesson wou...Scratch program. This lesson plan sequence allows the students to analyze the Fall...

            • Susan Granata

              Re-working two weeks of ideas

              If Papert and Manovich were to meet and discuss their the...2, November 02). Remediation. Retrieved February 01, 2018, from https://theaveragepengu...). The Ted Nelson Newsletter. Retrieved February 01, 2018, from http://facultysites.vas...

              • Arlene Fairweather

                Arlene's Weekly Breadcrumbs

                  According to Hu et al (2016),  a stude...nd some may even become disruptive. (2018) explains that “A stude...2016.1150374 Motivating Students retrieved on 4/2/2018 from

                • Arlene Fairweather

                  Student Development

                  Student Development 1 There is no question that ou...” become repetitive.” (Psychology Notes, 2018).  At this stage they ar...Notes, Piaget's Theory of Cognitive Development (2018) retrieved from https://www.p...

                  • Arlene Fairweather

                    Arlene's Action Plan

                    ED 631 Action Plan   In the initial descriptio...t of life” (Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute, 2018).  Exploring these conce...du/curriculum/units/1991/5/91.05.07.x.html On 2/2/2018  

                    • Arlene Fairweather

                      Learning Theory 2

                      Learning Theories 2   As a new a paradigm for teaching, Concept2classroom (2018) retrieved from on 5/1/2018

                      • Arlene Fairweather

                        Student Development 2

                          Student Development 2 As I reflect on st...eflect. Reference: Educating the Whole Child, (2018) retrieved from http://www.wh...ent/mx-resources/WholeChild-MakingTheCase.pdf on 5/4/2018