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    • Gerald Ardito

      The Rationalists/The Empiricists

      Second and Third Rounds of Facilitated Discussions In our next two class sessions (10/7 and 10/14), we are going to be discussing two groups of philosophers: those called the Rationalists and Empiricists. Both groups had a lot to say, as you will see, about how knowledge is constructed and...

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      • Gerald Ardito

        Show What You Know Project

        For the past several weeks, we have been working in two areas - 1) the differences between learning and education and 2) understanding the work of some key philosophers (see here, here, and here). Now it's time to show what you know about all of this (at this point at least).  ...

        Tags: PHI 180, Rationalists, Empiricists, Facilitated Discussions, showwhatyouknow